Diesel Roadside Services in Memphis, TN

It happens to all of us eventually—we’re stranded on the shoulder of the road, with a vehicle that’s simply not in functional condition to drive. It could be from an overheating engine or a blown-out tire, or a number of other unforeseen issues while driving. What matters, is being able to have a reliable source for roadside service that you can call for help.

United Diesel Power – Truck Repair is here to assist you with mobile semi truck repair in Memphis, TN! We’re capable of delivering a wide range of roadside services to customers within 100 miles of our location. Moreover, we come ready to alleviate most minor diesel conditions—and for the ones we can’t we can refer you to heavy duty towing back to our shop.

Roadside repairs

roadside repair
Our team provides a full range of roadside services to virtually any diesel vehicle, including semis, RVs, tractors and more. We don’t waste any time in getting to you quickly, either! Whether you need a few gallons of gas to get you to the next fill up station or you’re dealing with a blowout that needs replacing, trust us to help. We can even provide specialty services, such as mobile RV repairs in Memphis, TN.