Will Your Diesel Engine Repair in Memphis, TN Involve a New Radiator?

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Summer will soon arrive and test your radiator as you complete long-haul trips and enjoy your RV. If you have scheduled diesel engine repair in Memphis, TN, now is the time to have your radiator checked, too. Meanwhile, if you notice any of these five signs, you likely need a new radiator soon:

  • Noticeable rust: Radiators rust because they are constantly exposed to moisture. When it builds up enough that you can see it, that is a sign that more coolant ends up on the road than in your engine. A rusted radiator is an old one, and eventually, it will stop working for you. If you replace it now, you do not need to worry about breaking down in an unfamiliar part of the country. Even if you do not notice any leaks, this does not mean there is not a problem, so address this before a long drive.
  • Low pressure: When you take your truck or RV in for service, the mechanic will usually check your radiator pressure. It should maintain it constantly at 10 to 12 PSI. If pressure declines from this range, that indicates imminent failure and a call to roadside assistance. This is an early symptom of coolant system trouble, and not one to ignore.
  • Frequent overheating: Large diesel engines struggle when summer temperatures peak near 100 degrees or even in the low 90s. However, if it is 65 degrees on a cloudy day and your truck or RV still overheats, you have a radiator problem. Seeing engine temperature rise as you navigate mountain passes is normal, but if this is a frequent source of overheating and breakdowns, call for repairs immediately.
  • Reduced coolant levels: If you are constantly topping off your coolant, this does not necessarily indicate a leak. A failing radiator often demands more coolant, which causes your engine to run out quicker. Also, there may be hidden leaks that never contact the road because they are within your radiator or in the hoses. Many times, the problem is solved by tightening hoses and connections, so if you have been on rough roads lately, that will be the first thing we check. If that cause has been eliminated and you still see coolant decrease, you may need a new radiator and hose system.
  • Obvious leaks: Puddles under your truck or RV are never a good sign. If the liquid is translucent and slightly oily, it is likely your coolant. These leaks are serious and demand immediate attention, unless you want larger repair bills, because they eat through other engine systems.

Take care of your radiator this summer by ordering regular coolant flushes and checking hoses. If there are bent hoses or clogs, those blockages can wear out radiators quicker. Speak to your mechanic about maintaining an effective coolant system that supports you through this summer’s adventures.

For reliable diesel engine repair in Memphis, TN, call United Diesel Power. We work on tractors, semis and RVs in our shop, as well as through mobile services. Let us know what you need and we can help you prepare for summer.

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