Five Recommended Diesel Engine Repair Services for Summer

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Summer road trips and extra loads challenge diesel engines. Although many customers are aware that winter offers new opportunities for diesel engine repair in Memphis, TN, they often overlook the fact that high temperatures and humidity can also test engines. If you are profiting from new long haul opportunities or look forward to that cross-country trip in your RV, here are five services that will help your diesel engine perform at its best:

  • Battery and alternator: Your battery and charging system may leave you dead in a parking lot or even quit while you are driving. We all hear of freezing temperatures draining batteries and damaging charging systems, but may underestimate the heat. Summer heat causes the same stress, and you can find yourself stranded on the roadside. During service, we inspect the connections and test the charge to assure your battery and alternator remain reliable all summer.
  • Fuel system flush: Rain, ice and road gravel build up in your fuel system during winter. In the summer, that is replaced by dust. Order a fuel system flush to clean it out and enjoy better reliability and fuel efficiency. This also includes replacing fuel filters to improve control of debris in your fuel lines. If you plan many road trips, use a fuel injection cleaner to maintain a clean system.
  • Air conditioner service: It is miserable enough driving through Tennessee without a working air conditioner in your car. The heat and humidity can be overwhelming. However, if you are taking a long haul through Arizona in August, you will know a new level of misery if your air conditioner breaks down during triple-digit temperatures. Spring is a good time for air conditioner service. We can check for leaks and see if your system needs recharging. Cleaning the condensers and filters also reduces stress on your engine and keeps you on the road.
  • Coolant system flush: Today’s diesel engines are not as prone to overheating as they were decades ago, but that remains a possibility. That is especially true in dry, hot weather or if your route involves hills and keeping your vehicle in low RPMs. You need your engine to stay cool despite ambient temperature or driving conditions. Flushing the radiator and recharging it now is a good idea if you plan on touring the southwest desert states or exploring Death Valley. Even if you plan to stay local, it is still a good precaution, since overheating is no fun even when you are close to home.
  • Belt and hose inspection: Summer driving exposes belts and hoses to vibration, heat and contaminants. This can eventually compromise them or loosen their connections. It is an easy fix if caught early and avoids breakdowns when you are attempting to make a delivery or enjoy your vacation. Coolant hoses are normally replaced on a schedule because they frequently corrode from the inside. That is why it is advisable to check them before you drive long distances.

United Diesel Power is available for diesel engine repair in Memphis, TN. Call us to make an appointment and get ready for summer travel.

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