How Diesel Repair in Memphis, TN Is Different from Repairs for Gasoline Engines

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Diesel repair is a specialty, which is why you cannot go with just any mechanic. There are big differences between the large diesel engine in your RV or semi truck and the gasoline engine in your everyday commuter. You rely on your semi or tractor to make a living, and RVs travel long distances. Here are five differences that emphasize the importance of specialized diesel repair in Memphis, TN:

  • Different systems: Rather than use spark plugs and ignition to heat fuel when starting, diesel engines use compression. They do not have spark plugs, which gives you one less maintenance step to think about. However, there are other maintenance items that are vital to diesel engines that you should never neglect.
  • Importance of oil changes: Skipping oil changes in your commuter is not the best strategy, but it will not kill it. Diesels, however, require frequent oil changes that are on time. Mechanical processes in diesel engines are much more abrupt than in gasoline engines, so lubrication is vital to preventing excessive wear and tear. Gasoline engines can often go 8,000 miles max between oil changes, but with diesel, that drops to between 3,000 and 5,000 miles at the most.
  • Never idle: Gasoline engines can idle safely while you warm up your car or make a quick run into a corner market. This is due to their less violent engine processes, making idling much less rough on them. Diesel engines will wear themselves out if you make idling a constant habit. We recommend that you never do this unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Need for fuel additives: Fuel lines and filters become sticky with debris quickly. That is due to diesel fuel being thicker than gasoline. Allowing that debris to build up will wreak havoc on fuel injectors, so the additive helps control that possibility. Besides regular use of additives, you also need to replace fuel filters frequently and check hoses. Otherwise, there is a good possibility that your injector system may fail.
  • Vulnerable gaskets: Another part that wears out quickly due to diesel engine processes is the gasket. Seals corrode quicker than with gasoline engines, and if one is leaking, chances are the rest will soon follow. When this starts, replace all seals at once so they are on the same schedule. Otherwise, you will likely be calling us monthly as gaskets leak one by one, and it could disrupt work or travel plans.

With all these vulnerabilities, why purchase a diesel? All vehicles, especially those made for commercial purposes, experience wear-and-tear. That is an inevitability especially with a high-mileage vehicle like a work truck. Diesel engines are favored because they are more fuel-efficient and stronger for towing. Heavy work performed by tractors would be impossible for a gasoline engine. So, take care of these vehicles, and they will work well for you.

United Diesel Power has a skilled team ready to provide diesel repair in Memphis, TN for your semi truck, RV or tractor. You can bring your vehicle to us, or we can come to you. There is no reason to skip needed repair or maintenance with that type of convenience!

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