Six Common Reasons to Need Semi Truck Repair in Memphis, TN During Travel

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Summer is often profitable for long-haul truck drivers. The last thing you need is semi truck repair in Memphis, TN that causes you to miss opportunities. That is why regular service and maintenance is so vital; breaking down is not only inconvenient, but you may also miss your delivery deadline. Here are six common repair issues that must be addressed before you take off for your next delivery:

  • Oil leakage: If your rig is getting up there in years, keep an eye on oil leaks and burning. There will be some leakage since your seals are likely wearing out, but that reduces the oil in your engine and leads to breakdowns. Sometimes, drivers may experience smoke under the hood, and resulting fires. That does little for your bottom line, so keep your oil changes on time and check your fluid levels frequently.
  • Overheating: Radiators face intense demands. Keeping large engines cool is not an easy task, especially if your route includes challenging mountain passes and hot temperatures. If you overheat too frequently, it can damage other engine components and lead to additional expensive repairs. Keep your coolant topped off and schedule a flush before you are on the road this summer. This prevents delays and engine damage.
  • Blowouts: Tire blowouts are bad when they happen to cars, but on large rigs, they are a disaster. You place yourself in danger, along with everyone else on the road. Blowouts occur either because your tires are overdue for replacement or you do not keep the tires inflated properly. Staying current on alignment and rotation appointments prevents this problem and allows diesel technicians to find problems before they lead to catastrophe.
  • Brake failure: The weight of the vehicle and the load places stress on brakes. If you are not up to date with brake maintenance, you are in danger of failure. Nothing will cause panic like driving a mountain pass and realizing your brakes are gone. If you are about to go into a busy period and will not have as much time to spend on truck maintenance, schedule an appointment to inspect your brakes now. This way you start your road trips knowing you’ve reduced the possibility of brake failure.
  • Electrical issues: If you noticed lights flickering in the cab or the engine seems reluctant to turn over, we need to check your battery and alternator. This issue will not just catch you off guard after a good night’s sleep—it can also cause breakdowns as you are driving. If you are looking at a busy summer, test the alternator and battery before you start working.
  • Weak clutch cables: Like your brakes, your clutch cables must deal with heavy weight that challenges even the best-made transmission systems. Clutch cables erode over time, and eventually, they snap. You will notice gears slipping and even have a few missing, which will not help you maintain speed or travel up hills. Check the cables before they break so you can avoid this disaster.

For semi truck repair in Memphis, TN, as well as roadside services and other specialized service for diesel engines, call United Diesel Power.

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