Visit a Semi Mechanic in Memphis, TN to Avoid Costly Truck AC Repairs This Summer

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Big rig truck drivers are on the road all year round hauling all sorts of cargo and trailers to various destinations around the country. Since they operate during every season, it’s important that their trucks receive regular preventative maintenance to ensure that no part of the truck fails. For example, in the summer, a semi truck air conditioner breaking down can spell disaster for a long-haul trucker. Luckily, visiting a semi mechanic in Memphis, TN at the first signs of an air conditioning problem can help you avoid costly repairs this summer.

Your cab does not cool down

Driving the same big rig regularly means you are more in tune with how the truck functions. In turn, you can use your senses to detect impending mechanical issues—like the air conditioner beginning to act strange. But the first thing you may notice is the AC not cooling your truck cab quickly, adequately or even at all. There’s a simple test you can perform at the beginning of each to check the condition of your AC: simply leave the engine running while parked and crank the cooler high for a few minutes. Schedule a service appointment if the air coming out of the unit is not cold.

Airflow is restricted or non-existent

There are several reasons why a semi truck air conditioner may be blowing little to no cold air. This problem is often seen in rigs that have sat non-operational for a time, which could also point to other types of mechanical issues. Low refrigerant level is another possible cause, as is trying to run the cooler with a tank of old refrigerant fluid. Regular professional maintenance will better ensure you always have fresh and sufficient fluid to run through the AC system, and routine inspections can find issues while they are still small.

You hear strange sounds from the AC

Much like listening to your home’s air conditioning unit for signs of problems, you need to be vigilant of the troubles that can befall your semi truck AC. If you hear strange and unusual noises coming from your rig’s AC—like sputtering, crackling or scratching—assume that something is wrong and take it in to your mechanic right away. They can perform an inspection, run tests, diagnose the issue and make repairs.

Repairing big rig air conditioning systems can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the problem. Moreover, a catastrophic AC failure could cause damage to surrounding mechanical elements. With regular maintenance, the cost of parts, components and hardware repairs are reduced, and may even prevent a total AC breakdown.

Don’t let the summer heat leave you frustrated and hot! If you notice any of the above signs or can feel that something is off with your semi truck air conditioner, make an appointment with United Diesel Power to see an expert semi mechanic in Memphis, TN. Call us today to take advantage of our $75 diagnostic service, and to learn more about all our truck services!

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