How to Choose a Company for Fleet Maintenance in Memphis, TN

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Whether your fleet of business vehicles is composed of cars, vans or semi trucks, you might consider hiring a fleet maintenance company for all your vehicle service needs. After all, you need to focus on your business, and your employees need to be able to attend to their own duties, so leave vehicle maintenance service to somebody else.

But why hire an outside party? A professional, on-call maintenance crew will make sure all your fleet vehicles are in prime working order, and they will be there for you should an unexpected repair need arise. They own all the necessary equipment and tools, have training and can make repairs in a timely manner. Their expert abilities are well worth it to your business’ operation.

Here’s how to choose the right company for fleet maintenance in Memphis, TN:

  • Experience: First and foremost, hire a company with a successful track record for reliable and efficient service. If you own a massive fleet, the maintenance company you hire needs to be able to accommodate the number of fleet vehicles on your lot. While speed of repairs and service is good to get your drivers back on the road fast, the work should be of high quality. Additionally, consider the company’s experience working on your particular fleet of vehicles. This means that, if you have diesel trucks, the maintenance company you choose should have documented diesel experience.
  • Reputation: A good reputation will follow a phenomenal company, as will a bad reputation for a lower quality business. Reputation is made up of a company’s ability to maintain good customer relationships, be honest, be trustworthy and offer demonstrated competence. Therefore, when searching for a fleet maintenance company, check on their reputation going back a number of years, whether you read online reviews or get recommendations from friends or family.
  • Service: From customers to fleet maintenance, service needs to be a company’s top priority. And just because you are the client doesn’t mean it’s okay to be left in the dark about things. They should treat you like a partner, listening to your needs and concerns and offering solutions. A couple other must-have characteristics of great customer service include keeping track of routine appointment dates for your vehicles and noting issues on specific vehicles. Before hiring anyone, make sure they offer all the fleet services you are going to need now and in the foreseeable future. Services your fleet is likely to need include engine maintenance, suspension services, transmission work and diesel oil changes.
  • Cost: Although the cost of services is an important factor in deciding on a fleet maintenance company, it shouldn’t be the only or highest-ranking factor. Once you do find a few maintenance companies, then you can ask for quotes, compare those quotes to one another and weigh the pros and cons of cost versus services to be provided.

Regular fleet maintenance in Memphis, TN is crucial to your business’ operation. If your fleet vehicles are out of commission or constantly experiencing problems, then you’re not able to do your job. At United Diesel Power, we offer a wide range of fleet maintenance services, including engine maintenance and transmission repairs. Contact our skilled team to learn more!

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