Tips for Selecting the Right Professional for Welding Services in Memphis, TN

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Welding is one if those skills that requires the proper education and training and owning the right tools before it can be done professionally. But what are the benefits of seeking welding repairs instead of simply replacing a broken vehicle or part? The answer is an easy one: If your fabricated metal structure can be fixed through a welding service, you can save a lot of money—that is, if the part or structure is not overly damaged and will work again after welding.

Let’s say you own a private RV or have a small business that uses a fleet of work vehicles. There may come a time when metal parts get damaged because of an accident or are beginning to corrode due to age. Don’t buy brand new until you find out whether a welding company can be of assistance!

Here are some tips to help you select the right welding services in Memphis, TN for your welding needs.

Do your research

Do not sign a contract until you know about the company’s reputation, service experience and other important information, and refrain from simply going with the first metal welding service you come across. You want to work with someone who is not only a professional, but who is also focused on quality service. Make a list of a few companies that stand out to you and ask them for references from past or current clients, and read online reviews. To get a better idea or a visual sense of the work they do, request a portfolio of work samples.

Meet face to face

Once you have a couple of welding professionals in mind, schedule a face-to-face meeting with each. At this time, review their company profile and ask to see physical copies of their licenses and credentials. A company that is not licensed cannot legally do work for you. Nor do you want them touching your vehicle or metal structure for liability reasons. Show up with a list of questions: What is your experience with welding (vehicle bodies, trailers, RV parts, etc.)? Do you own your own welding shop and tools? Will your company be doing all the work yourselves, or do you shop some services out to a third party?

Get quotes and compare prices

After narrowing down your list of potential welders, get quotes from each, or a pricing list. It’s wise to compare everything, from available services to quality to pricing, instead of just going with either the lowest price or highest price. In other words, compare each company’s prices for the same services, compare responses from references and compare credentials. Furthermore, clarify whether fuel and generator running costs are included, and whether you’ll have to pay the cost of having a mobile welder visit your site.

At United Diesel Power, we are equipped to offer our customers welding services in Memphis, TN as needed. We will work hard to restore your vehicle’s bodywork, and we also possess the skills to perform welding work on trailers and other tow-behinds. Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment today!

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