Five Signs That Your Hydraulic Pump Is Bad

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If your hydraulic pump malfunctions, your vehicle could be dead in the water or stranded on the road. How can you know if this disaster is impending? If you’re not familiar with diesel engine repair in Memphis, TN, it can be difficult to identify the warning signs of diesel engine malfunction.

Use the following guide to properly identify red flags of hydraulic pump failure. If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact your local experts in diesel engine repair in Memphis, TN:

  • Interior leaks: Liquids should remain in the tubes that were designed for them. If you notice any liquids anywhere else inside the pump, you have a problem. A line may have a break, or a seal valve may be loose. No matter what the cause, the interior leak will lead to a bad hydraulic pump. You will have to carefully examine your pump to spot this issue. For assistance, contact a technician who specializes in diesel engine repair in Memphis, TN.
  • Exterior leaks: Have you discovered liquid on the exterior of the pump? This means an interior leak has worsened. This leakage results in reduced pressure in the system, and immediate action is required to repair and salvage the pump. Consult with an expert in diesel engine repair in Memphis, TN to determine whether you need to make repairs or replace the entire pump.
  • Noises: A hydraulic pump is a machine, so it’s going to make some noise. However, if your system starts to make abnormal sounds, this indicates a problem. They are designed to muffle noise, so loud, unusual sounds are a bad sign. Banging or knocking can indicate that the hydraulic fluid is contaminated by air. The sounds could also be caused by lack of fluid.
  • High temperatures: Your hydraulic system must properly dissipate heat in order to function. When dirt and debris build up in the system, this might not be possible. As a result, the hydraulic fluid temperature gets too high and causes damage to seals and the fluid. If your system operates at higher than 180°F, there is a problem that should be repaired as soon as possible. Check the heat exchanger and look for any obstructions to airflow.
  • Slow performance: Is your system sluggish? If its performance decreases, this could be a sign that your hydraulic pump is bad. Watch for slower operation or longer cycles. This lack of efficiency indicates lack of flow. Contact a professional in diesel engine repair in Memphis, TN to determine the issue and make repairs.

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