Mobile RV Mechanics Offer These Four RV Breakdown Tips

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It is the stuff of nightmares for RV drivers. You are free on the road and ready for your next adventure, and your RV chokes and breaks down. If you are out of a cellular zone and cannot reach a mechanic, you will likely panic unless you have some options. Here are four tips from our mobile RV mechanics in Memphis, TN to help you manage these incidents.

  • Find a shop: Since fixing your RV and continuing your vacation is likely your highest priority, your first step is to find a shop. Smart phones, AAA and insurance roadside assistance plans make this easier. If you do not have any of these services, you will need to find a tow company. However, many intrepid adventurers visit the dead zones of the country and may find themselves stranded in a desert, forest or remote highway. In these cases, you may have to walk to an exit or find help from a passing driver. Watch your signal in case a mere quarter-mile walk takes you out of the dead zone and eases your chances of rescue.
  • Plan: Waiting for repairs will disrupt your travel—there is no doubt of that. Your plan depends on what went wrong with your RV. If it is a minor issue, you may be back on the road in a few hours. However, if the repairs will take days to complete, and you cannot stay in your RV, find a hotel. Call anyone you are supposed to meet along the way and let them know you are running late. If your RV is older, decide ahead of time how much you will spend on repairs. It may be less expensive to replace your RV in the long run than to continue to pay for repairs. This may be an option if your RV repair shop is also a dealer.
  • Check in frequently: Since you likely want to start traveling again and want to know how long you will need that hotel room, stay in contact with the mechanics. This will help keep them on track and make this ordeal go more smoothly. When you are stuck in a strange place with a dead vehicle, you must remain informed.
  • Continue to vacation: While a breakdown is not the best development, and you likely had other plans, consider making the best of the situation. If there is something in the area you would like to see, go ahead and see it. Stop at that historic site, park or tourist trap that you likely planned on driving right past to get to your original destination. Even small towns have some form of entertainment, and it is preferable to sitting by the telephone in your hotel waiting to your RV. With a new perspective, you could enjoy a new experience.

United Diesel Power offers mobile RV mechanics in Memphis, TN whether you are visiting from out of town or traveling locally. We offer 24/7 emergency service, so call us if you experience a breakdown.

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