RV Maintenance to Help You Keep Your Vehicle on the Road

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Keeping your RV in good shape is crucial to make sure that it not only maintains its value over the course of time, but that it also stays in operational condition for years to come. In addition to following the recommended maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual, you should also be sure to make RV repairs in Memphis, TN as needed to keep it running smoothly.

Here’s a quick look at some of the repairs and maintenance you should perform regularly to keep your RV in good shape:

  • Oil changes: RVs, like standard passenger cars and trucks, need to have their oil and filters swapped at specific intervals to keep the engine properly functioning. A failure to keep up with oil and filter changes could result in some significant engine damage, as the internal components of the engine lose lubrication and get clogged up with debris. Your owner’s manual will have specific recommendations for oil change intervals for your RV.
  • Brake inspections: You should have your brakes routinely checked out by a professional service technician to make sure they remain in good condition. You can tell your brakes are in need of repair if the brake pads are getting low or if you start to hear a squealing sound when you apply the brakes.
  • Tire pressure: You should regularly check your tire pressure before you head out, especially if you’re going to be traveling on a long trip. Depending on the age of your RV, you may have alerts that pop up on your dashboard if your tire pressure gets low. If you don’t have this feature with your vehicle, you should get a pressure gauge and have it in your vehicle at all times. Fill up the air according to the specification listed in your owner’s manual.
  • Check your battery: Keep an eye on the condition of your battery. A deep cycle battery should last three to five years, and you should replace it upon the completion of its useful life cycle. During the offseason, take the battery out of the RV and store it somewhere warm where it is properly insulated. Otherwise, it could freeze and break in the cold.
  • Replace other filters: Aside from the oil filter, there are other vehicle filters that you should inspect and clean/replace as needed including air filters, fuel filters, coolant filters and hydraulic filters.
  • Coolant: Make sure you keep the coolant in the vehicle at proper levels all year long. When adding more coolant, be sure to properly dilute it with water according to manufacturer specifications before adding it into the system.
  • Sewer system: The RV’s wastewater system should be another point of inspection when you take the vehicle in for service. Make sure you do your part by using biodegradable RV toilet paper in the bathroom at all times.

For more information about the various RV repairs in Memphis, TN that you should make on your vehicle to ensure a long lifespan and reliable operation, contact the team at United Diesel Power today.

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