Signs Your Big Rig’s Engine Might Be on Its Last Leg

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Big rigs get a whole lot of wear and tear, when you consider how many miles they log in a given year. This means truckers need to be on a constant lookout for signs of trouble with their vehicles’ engines. You should make it a point to engage in regular pre-trip inspections, but also develop an understanding of warning signs that could pop up while you’re actually out driving. As much of a pain as it can be to delay your trip, it’s best for your safety and the health of your vehicle to address concerns with your truck’s engine as they arise rather than waiting for a breakdown to occur.

Here are a few of the most common signs that could indicate your engine is dying and you’ll be in need of trustworthy diesel repairs in Memphis, TN:

  • You’re noticing increased oil consumption: Do you find that you’re not able to get away with as much time between oil changes as you used to? If you feel as though you’re constantly checking and changing your oil, this could be an issue with a leak in the engine or issues with burning oil, often caused by problems with the cylinder liner or piston rings.
  • You suddenly have low fuel economy: Big rigs don’t exactly get the best fuel economy to begin with, given their sheer size and the weight of the cargo they haul. But if you notice your already-low fuel economy has taken an even greater nosedive, and you’re having to spend more money and time at the pump than ever before, this could be a sign that you’re dealing with damaged or worn injectors, or other engine issues.
  • You’re dealing with bad engine brake performance: If the engine brake isn’t working like it used to, or if you feel as though going downhill is a more nerve-racking experience than it’s ever been before, this could be an issue with a loss of cylinder compression. The primary causes for this could be issues with the cylinder liner or piston rings.
  • You’ve been experiencing engine knocking: Engine knocking is a sound that can emit from the engine in certain circumstances. While it’s normal for engines to create a humming noise during operation, it’s absolutely not normal for you to hear a knocking or banging noise. It might even sound like a large crank going inside your engine while your vehicle is running. There are a variety of issues that could cause this, including poor combustion timing, contaminated oil, worn or damaged liner seals, wear in the piston skirt or worn-out main bearings. You’ll want to resolve this issue immediately.
  • You have black or blue exhaust: If the exhaust from the vehicle is suddenly a different color, it likely means you are burning oil or that you have a fuel environment that is either too lean or too rich in the engine.

For more information about signs that you need to find trustworthy diesel engine repairs in Memphis, TN, contact the team at United Diesel Power today.

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