Be Prepared! Follow These Steps if Your Big Rig Breaks Down

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Dealing with big rig breakdowns can be a very stressful experience for drivers. Between trying to find the source of the problem and making sure you stay safe while you wait for help, there are lots of different things to juggle when your rig breaks down. The good news is that there are some simple steps you can follow to handle the situation when your truck breaks down and coordinate local mobile semi truck repairs in Memphis, TN.

A roadside breakdown is a stressful situation no matter what the circumstances are. It can be easy to become overwhelmed by the situation, so it’s important for you to prepare yourself for the possibility in advance. Here are some simple steps to follow if your big rig breaks down:

  • Keep calm: One of the most important things to do when your truck breaks down is to stay as calm as possible. Getting stressed out or allowing anxiety to take over will prevent you from acting and making decisions about how to handle the situation. If you start to become stressed out when your rig breaks down, take a moment to collect your thoughts and take a few deep breaths to calm yourself before doing anything else.
  • Get as far off the road as possible: Breaking down on the shoulder of the road can leave you vulnerable to lots of different risks, especially if you break down at night or in stormy weather that inhibits visibility. If you are unable to pull off at the next exit or in a truck stop or parking lot, try to get as far off the road as possible and distance yourself from oncoming traffic.
  • Increase visibility: Use safety triangles and flares to alert other drivers to your location and avoid any collisions with others on the road. Wear any reflective clothing you have to make sure you’re visible while you place your warning signs alongside your truck. Once you’ve put up your reflective signs and flares, get back into your truck until help arrives.
  • Call for help: If you’re driving on contract with a trucking company, contact your dispatcher to explain the situation and ask for assistance. If you have an idea of what went wrong with your truck, make sure to give that information to the dispatcher. Drivers who aren’t working for a trucking company should contact a shop that offers local mobile semi truck repairs in Memphis, TN. Find a shop that specializes in service for semi trucks, and make sure you find a company with the equipment necessary to handle heavy-duty towing and roadside assistance.

Local mobile semi truck repairs in Memphis, TN

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