Guidelines to Ensure Better Trailer Maintenance

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While tractor maintenance is a vital part of keeping your livelihood on the road, it’s not the only thing that you want to be focusing your attention on. The trailer is something that needs frequent checkups as well, and you want to keep a close eye on all aspects of it to make sure that you can roll down the road on a consistent basis. Your neighborhood team at United Diesel Power has the years of experience to offer our insight into how you can accomplish this goal. We’re the premier tractor trailer repair shop in Memphis, TN, and we know what it takes to keep everything running smoothly. We’ve put together some quick tips here to make sure you keep your trailer rolling in great condition.

Tires and suspension

Keeping an eye on tires and suspension is one of the first steps to keeping your trailer rolling smoothly. Tires can be a real expense, so taking care of them will go a long way towards minimizing your financial output.

The first step here is a very simple one: monitor the air pressure in all of the tires. Check the supply hose connection frequently and make sure everything is inflated to the optimal level, and you’ll be doing yourself a real favor. The suspension also needs attention because any type of irregularity can reveal some potential issues. If you can nip these in the bud, you can really save yourself on some maintenance, and fortunately the team at the best tractor trailer repair shop in Memphis, TN is ready to help in that situation.

Check out the brakes

The brakes are one of the most critical parts of any trailer, so make sure you’re giving them the proper attention. One quick tip that we can offer: on wheel ends where spring brakes are applied, the angle is key. The angle between the air chamber push rod and slack adjuster should be 90 degrees. If it isn’t, your brakes need to be adjusted, and you should look into bringing it in to be looked at by our team of professional technicians. We can tweak this adjustment and get your truck rolling again in no time at all.

Cleanliness is key

Something that every tractor operator needs to be aware of is deicing chemicals. We see a lot of trailers roll into our tractor trailer repair shop in Memphis, TN with damage that can be attributed to these harmful and abrasive chemicals that can attack electrical connections and metal parts. The easiest way to counteract this issue is to frequently wash equipment after it’s been exposed to these chemicals and make sure you’re mitigating its worst effects.

Trailer maintenance boils down to operators and owners doing their research and ensuring they’re doing the preliminary procedures necessary. Our team can help out with anything you need, but most of our customers are pleased to hear that there’s an awful lot that they can do on their own to help minimize both their cost and the amount of time their tractor trailer needs to be in the shop. Contact United Diesel Power to learn more!

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