Pro Tips: How to Keep Your Semi Truck Out on the Road

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If you’re like us, you dread the prospect of an extended repair job on your semi truck. If your truck isn’t out on the road, then it isn’t getting the job done, and that can cost you money and time, and even clients if you’re not careful. Some basic maintenance can really go a long way in helping ensure that your rig is out on the road where it belongs.

This is where we come in—United Diesel Power has the years of experience necessary to keep our community’s trucks out on the road and hard at work, and our semi truck repair shop team in Memphis, TN is thrilled to offer the following basic maintenance tips to help keep your semi out of the garage and on the job.

Keep an eye on oil pressure

Your oil pressure gauge is one of your best friends when you’re staying on top of truck maintenance. Oil pressure is critical to keeping your semi running smoothly, and the gauge can hint at a number of potential issues. One thing we tell all of our customers at our semi truck repair shop in Memphis, TN is to not be alarmed if the gauge gets low when you’re idling or stopped—it can drop when the truck isn’t running at full bore.

Your oil pressure can also be affected by an oil filter that needs changing, so don’t be shy about regularly changing your filter. Other potential culprits might include the oil pump, at which point you’d likely want to bring it in to get an expert’s opinion.

Stay on top of your maintenance log

Your maintenance log can be your worst enemy and your best friend. It’s not exactly the most fun part of your job to keep this up to date, but it can go a long way toward keeping your truck in top shape. It can help you budget for future expenses, while also making sure that you’re staying on top of the periodic maintenance that keeps your truck running in prime condition.

Logging maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations is not just financially responsible—it’s also the law to do so, as you need to make sure that you’re keeping a log for at least 12 months if your truck is in service. Do the legwork and make sure your maintenance log is up to date at all times and you’ll save yourself time and money in the long run at semi truck repair shops in Memphis, TN.

Keeping your semi truck on the road is the mission of our team of truck maintenance pros. We are your local partner when it comes to semi truck repair in Memphis, TN, and we’re proud to keep that title. We can help you out with any sort of maintenance issue that you need, but we’re also confident that many of our customers can keep their semis in good shape with diligent, regular maintenance. You can nip a lot of problems in the bud through diligent truck care, but we’re right there ready to help you with any larger issues that can arise. Reach out today to learn more or schedule service.

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