Signs Your RV Brakes Need Professional Assistance

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Anyone who’s ever crested the top of a mountain and then started their descent trying to control a recreational vehicle that weighed upward of 5,000 pounds (plus another half-ton of gear strapped in) understands the value of high-functioning RV brakes. Keeping your motor home’s brakes in good working order is critical to ensuring the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Of course, there’s more to an RV’s brakes than meets the eye. Depending on which type of braking system you use, there will be different indicators of potential problems. When should you enlist the help of mobile RV maintenance in Memphis, TN? Read on to find out.

Air brakes

If your motor home is powered by a diesel engine, then it is likely that your RV has an air brake system. Air brakes use powerful blasts of pressurized air to slow your vehicle when you apply pressure to the pedal. These systems are highly prized because they do not require fluid or a master cylinder to function properly. This reduces the amount of regular maintenance needed in your RV.

That said, air brakes do have one major threat: excessive moisture. In a high-functioning air brake system, a filter clears out moisture like oil or fluid. If this filter gets clogged, your RV brakes could fail. Another good idea is draining your system’s storage tank twice a year.

Hydraulic brakes

If your motor home makes use of a traditional hydraulic brake system, then mobile RV maintenance in Memphis, TN may be a more common undertaking. Hydraulic systems rely on the complex interaction between a rotor, brake pads, linings and more to ensure that they work.

When one of these parts is out of whack, not only will they require a professional eye, but, if left unaddressed, a malfunctioning component of a hydraulic brake system could cause damage to other parts, as well.

General tips

Regardless of which type of brake system you have, here are some general things to look for when troubleshooting your RV’s brakes:

  • If either the brake light or the anti-lock brake system (ABS) light appears on the dashboard, you should schedule an appointment with a mechanic.
  • If you press the brakes only to hear a squeak, it could mean your brake pads are going. A metal scratching means that your brakes are grinding on the rotor itself. That’s a severe issue.
  • When you brake, if your steering wheel begins to vibrate, it could also be an indicator of brake problems.

If any of these signs pop up, you should have your RV checked out immediately.

Your RV ally

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