User’s Guide to Choosing the Right Semi-Truck Repair Shop

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Whether you’re an established company operating an entire transportation fleet, or you’re an enterprising entrepreneur trying to keep your personal semi-truck in peak condition, making sure you have the support of a talented automotive professional is undeniably critical. Of course, when you’re in search of a team that can meet your needs, it’s essential to pick the right one.

Are you on the hunt for the best semi-truck repair shop in Memphis, TN? Here are some tips for finding the right company for you.

Go with experience

Let’s be honest here—no one wants to bet the success of their company on the skills of a first-timer. Most seasoned mechanics will tell you that firsthand experience is an invaluable teacher. That goes double when it comes to working with semi engines. In short, make sure the team you enlist has at least several years of experience before you entrust your livelihood to them.

Research those references

Any reputable automotive tech should be able to supply you the names and contact information of at least a few satisfied customers. When it comes to spending the kind of money required to keep one or several semis in working condition, you’ll want to know the mechanics you’re hiring have performed a satisfactory job in the past (and more than once, too).

The right tools for the job

It goes without saying that the engine needed to power a 35,000-pound semi-truck is much more powerful and more complex than the average car on the road. As such, the tools required to fix such an innovative machine are often specialized. When you’re looking for the best semi-truck repair shop in Memphis, TN, you should make sure the team has everything they need to fix any issue with your semi-truck. You should also check these tools to make sure that they are reasonably new and in good condition.

Space to repair your truck

Delays are a big problem when you’re working in the deadline-focused transportation industry. As a result, when you need to get a semi into the shop, you want to make sure the technician working on your truck has enough docking bays to be able to handle repairs quickly.

A massive inventory of parts

When your semi or one of your fleet vehicles is taken off the road, that means your business is losing valuable income every single day. In choosing a semi repair shop, you should make sure they have the inventory of parts required to get your semi back on the road as soon as possible.

Make it United and make it the best

There’s only one place in the area that can qualify as the best semi-truck repair shop in Memphis, TN: United Diesel Power – Truck Repair. We have almost 30 years of combined experience serving the Midsouth with the very best automotive repair available. When you need a team with expertise repairing buses, semi-trucks, RVs and so much more, make it United Diesel Power – Truck Repair. You won’t regret it.

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