Five Tips for Finding Honest RV Repair

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The end of summer means preparing your RV for storage and the next adventures. This often involves finding a dependable mobile RV repair shop in Memphis, TN so you know your vehicle will be ready when you start driving around the country again. It is not always easy to find someone dependable and thorough, and a little guidance in this department goes a long way. Here are five tips for finding honest RV repair:

  • Keep track of maintenance: The best way to avoid being ripped off is to keep track of work that has already been done on your RV. For example, if you know you replaced a timing belt 30,000 miles ago, there’s a good chance you don’t need one now and anyone who tells you otherwise is likely exaggerating. Therefore, track all maintenance performed, and keep a schedule of when work needs to be done. That way no one can upsell you on services you don’t need.
  • Learn to DIY: One way to avoid dishonest mechanics is to avoid them completely. While there is some work you will need to hire out, some other jobs, like oil changes, can be done at home. There are YouTube videos and other resources that can show you the more basic parts of RV care. However, do not overestimate your abilities. If you feel an issue with your RV is over your head, chances are, that is the case.
  • Ask around: This is easy if you join local RV clubs or network with other RV owners through social media. Whether you are home or facing a repair issue on the road, ask your friend network whom you should turn to for RV repairs. They will likely have great suggestions for mobile RV repair, or they may tell you whom to avoid. If those searches come up dry, perform a Google search and find a shop with good reviews. While you may find that one bad review, consistent good reviews indicate that a repair shop is dependable.
  • Get second opinions: If a mechanic tells you something is off and then quotes you a four-figure estimate on it, it’s more than acceptable to try another shop and see if they come to the same conclusion. It’s often fruitful to secure a second opinion and confirm that there really is something seriously wrong with your RV.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover: Do not jump to conclusions by the appearance of a shop. Small, dingy shops with great reviews are just as capable of fixing your RV as shiny dealership repair services. While it’s certainly nice to have some amenities as you wait, what you are really seeking is dependable service. There are plenty of dealer shops that attract bad Yelp reviews, and that smaller shop may offer better expertise and dedication.

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