Most Common Reasons for a Semi Truck Breakdown

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When you’re cruising through the southeast and doing your best to keep to a strict timeline, there’s nothing worse than seeing a malfunction that prevents you from staying on the road. Whether it’s smoke coming out from under the hood or a simple refusal to start, when you rely on your semi’s performance, a malfunction isn’t acceptable.

A number of problems might be stopping you in your tracks. Here are some of the most common reasons drivers have to call on a reliable mobile semi truck repair service in Memphis, TN.

Tire problems

One of the biggest issues that can wreak havoc on your semi truck is tire issues. When your tires are left on past their prime, or they’re left unbalanced or underinflated, the probability of a puncture or other malfunction increases dramatically. It’s critical to make sure your tires are replaced regularly and treated kindly if they’re going to do their job for you.

Brake issues

A number of problems can cause your brakes to malfunction, and none of them are good:

  • Contamination in the internal air supply
  • Oil leaks from your compressor
  • Pressure or timing imbalance

And those are just the tip of the iceberg. When you’re running with poorly-kept brakes, you’re not only putting yourself at risk—you’re also risking your career. Getting cited for brake issues is a time-consuming and potentially costly issue to repair.

Electrical malfunctions

One thing that will get you on the phone to a reliable mobile semi truck repair service in Memphis, TN is cranking up the engine only to discover that nothing happens. The most likely issue in this instance is a problem with your electrical system. Maybe your battery just needs a charge. Perhaps you have a phantom load draining power from your engine. The issues could extend deeper into problems with your cranking or charging system. Whatever the cause, enlisting the services of a diesel mechanic should be your first step.

Coolant trouble

If you’ve been driving and notice that your semi is overheating regularly, you could have a problem with your cooling system. More often than not, overheating is caused by a loose connection somewhere in the system. With a little bit of focused attention, it can be repaired, and you can get back on the road.

Get help when—and where—you need it

Whether you’re a local driver or a professional just passing through Memphis, TN, you can count on the reliable mobile semi truck repair services provided by United Diesel Power. We proudly serve our local community by offering automotive repair for trucks, trailers, semi-trucks and RVs.

Whether you’re servicing your favorite recreational vehicle or you need help for an entire fleet of semis, you can count on our team’s many years of combined technical experience to ensure your problems quickly become a thing of the past. You’ll love our commitment to unparalleled customer service and our unrivaled craftsmanship. Give United Diesel Power a call today to find out how we can help you!

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