Signs Your Hydraulic Pump Could Be Failing

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All kinds of machines in the modern world require a functioning hydraulic pump, and your semi truck is no exception. The hydraulic pump is critical. It is responsible for converting your engine’s mechanical power into something your engine can work with. Making sure your semis’ hydraulic pumps are working is just one aspect of honest fleet maintenance services in Memphis, TN, but it’s one of the most crucial.

If you’re concerned that your hydraulic pump is on its way out, here are some warning signs to keep an eye out for.

Strange noises

Sure, your engine likely makes a lot of noises while it’s in operation, but you definitely know the difference between the good ones and the bad ones. The steady, powerful rumble of your semi truck as it idles is a good noise. The hum of your engine as it cruises down the road is another good one.

However, as your hydraulic pump ages, it lubricates less efficiently, and the seals keeping it connected to the other components in your engine don’t hold that seal as well. This can result in a knocking or banging noise as air escapes the system, and your pump can’t produce sufficient pressure. Having a professional identify and seal these exit points is usually a quick and easy fix.

Performance issues

Sometimes, you’ll notice a dramatic reduction in performance or sudden drops in pressure in your engine. While there may not be any outward indication of problems, honest fleet maintenance services in Memphis, TN can typically identify the root cause of this issue: a leak on the inside or outside of your hydraulic pump.

Excessive heat

In some instances, poor fluid viscosity or other environmental factors can lead to excessive heat produced by your hydraulic pump. Though it may not seem like a big deal at first—you might not even notice it unless you’re paying close attention—this abnormal level of heat can exacerbate other critical problems within your engine.


One of the scariest results of a hydraulic pump failure is known as an implosion. This happens when air bubbles infiltrate your hydraulic pump and collapse. The impact is an overload of pressure in the pump and a short, intense burst that can prove catastrophic.

Preventative maintenance is critical

When it comes right down to it, the key to keeping your entire fleet in good, working order is preventative maintenance. Throughout the Midsouth, the best and most honest fleet maintenance services in Memphis, TN have come from one company: United Diesel Power.

In 2015, our group of experienced automotive technicians decided to pool our skills and our efforts to create a shop run on integrity and expert workmanship. It’s that same dedication we bring to every customer who walks through our door. Whether you’re a commercial business owner who needs regular servicing for their fleet or you’re a residential client hoping to see their RV, bus or diesel truck and trailer repaired, you can count on United Diesel Power. Call today—we can’t wait to help you!

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