Maintenance Tips for Refrigerated Trucks

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Refrigerated trucks are used for shipping perishables, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, medicine, flowers and more. The last thing you need is for your refrigerator unit to break down in the middle of a long haul. While not every issue is preventable, there are certain things you can do to help ensure proper function. Here are a few tips for refrigerated truck maintenance in Memphis, TN.

Don’t forget pre- and post-trip checks

As a professional driver, you already know you’re required to perform pre- and post-trip checks for every haul. You’ll need to check the trailer for seal damage, fluid levels, tire pressure, wall damage, temperature calibration and more. Although it might be tempting to skimp on these checks, they’re crucial to the health of your refrigerated truck.

One way to ensure your fleet is checked as required, and as thoroughly as possible, is to have your drivers undergo special training for pre- and post-trip checks. Not only will it remind them of what’s required by law for truck drivers, but they’ll also get some additional information about FDA standards and sanitation as it relates to whatever it is they’re hauling.

Get regular inspections and servicing

A good truck driver will know how to perform basic maintenance and at least minor repairs, but you can’t count on them to take care of all your professional inspection and service needs. Working with a reputable fleet mechanic can help you stay on top of your maintenance and repair needs, without taking your drivers away from their regular duties.

In addition to all the regular truck maintenance to perform, you’ll also need your mechanic or inspector to look at the air chutes, condenser and hoses. A professional inspector can review these components to make sure there’s nothing wrong that will affect refrigeration. In many cases, catching the problems early can save you a bundle on repairs.

Maintain a cool temperature

One surprisingly simple way to keep your refrigerated trucks running well is to maintain the cool temperature as much as possible. Uneven cooling can cause leaks and spoilage, which means a major mess at your destination. Plus, it may compromise the entire shipment. By keeping the cool temperatures steady, you’ll be able to keep the interior clean and help extend the overall lifespan of your refrigeration components.

Wash regularly

Once your trailer is totally empty, wash it with either a heavy-duty disinfectant or a multi-surface cleaner. Wipe down the entire refrigerated interior, including the seals and ceilings. Mold and bacteria can develop when your products leak.

If you still have difficult stains, use a plastic scraper to get rid of any stuck-on stains or residue. Plastic is desirable because it is less likely to scratch your interiors. Once you remove the stains and wash the truck out again, make sure to air it out to prevent mold from growing.

If you need help with refrigerated truck repair and maintenance in Memphis, TN, get in touch with the team at United Diesel Power today.

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