Four Key Tips for Selecting Commercial Tires

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Purchasing commercial tires is an important part of fleet maintenance. It can also be a significant investment. As you consider your options for tires, you want to ensure you get the best ROI. You want quality tires you can rely on for your operations. To make sure you choose the best commercial tires for your vehicles, use the following tips.

Invest in new tires

While it might be tempting to purchase used tires, it is best to spend a little more and invest in new tires. This is worth the extra cost for your fleet maintenance. When you buy used tires, it’s challenging to truly know how well they have been maintained and to determine what wear and tear they have experienced. They may have hidden vulnerabilities and offer a short lifespan. When you purchase new tires, you can rest assured that they have no prior damage and should deliver a long lifespan.

Choose the right tires for your application

Consider when, where and how you will be using the tires. A variety of commercial tires are available, and each is designed for different types of applications. Will your vehicles travel off-road? Do you need to maintain high speeds on the highway? Will your fleet be making a lot of turns and stops? What weather conditions will the tires encounter?

Answer these questions and any others that are pertinent to your operations. Once you get a clear picture of the requirements of your operations, you can choose a tire that is built for your application. This will allow you to choose the best tires for your fleet.

Consider warranties

Because you are making an investment in fleet maintenance with new tires, you want to make sure your investment is backed by a solid warranty. Most manufacturers provide some type of warranty on their products. However, be sure to inspect the details of any warranty to make sure you understand what types of damages are covered and how long the warranty will be in place. On average, you can expect a new commercial tire warranty to last about seven years.

Partner with professionals

When it’s time for fleet maintenance, always work with experts who specialize in the type of work you require. For commercial tires, look for a company that offers a full range of sales, installation and repairs. You want experts who know which tires to recommend to meet your specific needs and can provide quality installation you can trust. Choose a business with a track record of success, so you will receive the exceptional service you expect and deserve.

We’re here to help

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