Selecting the Best Steer Axle Tires for Your Truck

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Choosing the right tire for my semi truck is a process I always take slowly and put a lot of thought into. This is not like choosing new tires for your car. You have to be mindful of numerous factors when selecting truck tires.

For instance, you have to account for where the tires will be used before buying them. Are you purchasing them for the trailer axle, the drive axle or the steer axle?

This time around, we’re focusing on steer axle tires. Stick around so you can figure out which replacement tires you need to get.

What Qualities Should You Look for in New Steer Axle Tires?

Steer axle tires play a huge role in keeping your truck in proper working order. You need good steer axle tires so you can maintain complete control of the truck. Those tires also help make long journeys in your truck more comfortable.

You will also need good steer axle tires to deal with bad weather conditions. That’s because those tires are responsible for keeping water away from the rest of your truck.

So, what qualities matter the most when selecting steer axle tires? You can learn more about them below.

High Tread Depth

First off, any tires you’re looking to install in the steer axle position must feature high tread depth. You cannot afford to use tires that lack that specific quality.

High tread depth offers a lot of useful benefits for truck drivers. Tires that feature high tread get great mileage and they have a fairly good grip as well. The high tread depth also stops tires from taking on too much debris.

Prioritize looking for tires with high tread depth if you want your semi truck to perform at its best.

As Round As Possible

Semi truck owners should also look for steer axle tires that are very round in shape. You want the tires to be as round as possible so they can keep your truck comfortable.

Very round tires minimize vibrations significantly. Driving long distances will be easier since your body isn’t rattling all the time.

Features the ‘Grip on Wet Surface’ Label

While shopping for steer axle tires, you should also look for those that feature the “grip on wet surface” label. That label lets you know that the tires in question are capable of draining water quickly.

Even if you’re going over roads covered in water, your new steer axle tires should prevent any issues. You won’t have to worry as much about your semi truck potentially breaking down as you power through bad weather.

What Are Some Special Considerations for Semi Truck Steer Axle Tires That I Should Know?

You may be thinking of retreading commercial tires for your semi truck. That makes sense since retreading your tires can save you a good amount of money.

However, there are special rules enforced for treading those tires. Maximum casing age limits are enforced and there is also a maximum number of tire repairs that must be taken into account.

Make sure you check with the professionals first before you decide to retread your steer axle tires.

Picking tires for your truck’s steer axle is a process you must always take seriously. Use the tips we’ve highlighted in this article so you can make the right picks when choosing replacement steer axle tires.

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