What Types of Repairs Can I Do to My Tractor Truck?

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While on the road, your tractor truck will develop some mechanical or maintenance issues. If the tractor truck is yours, you have the liberty to repair the areas that you can do by yourself. But if it is a company-owned tractor-trailer, then there is a procedure to follow, either taking it to a company mechanic or a specified dealer.

Nevertheless, truck drivers are held liable for the machinery they operate. Therefore, you should run a comprehensive inspection as a tractor truck driver before embarking on your journey. It is always empowering if you have the skills to handle a big rig breakdown because sooner or later, you will encounter one.

It is vital to know that you should not compromise on safety as much as there are semi-truck repair tips and tricks. It is always wise to let a certified mechanic handle the complex issues concerning the truck, such as braking and regular truck maintenance. The semi truck repair tips and tricks should only come in handy when you are in a situation where you need to fix something and be on the road.

Fixing a Coolant Leak

If you are on the road, your engine light comes on, and your gauge reads over 185, your engine might be overheating. For example, the engine might be overheating because of a coolant leak. In addition, if the engine overheats, it might lead to more complex issues.

When handling a semi-truck and you realize you might have an engine cooling problem, it is imperative that you fix it on the roadside and not wait to get to your destination. At the roadside, establish if it is a coolant problem by checking the coolant levels and smelling for the leaked coolant. If the levels are low, it might be a leak. Spotting the leak can be easy or complicated, depending on where it is.

Once you find the leak, a temporary solution is to seal the leak using tape tightly. Note that sealing with tape is temporary. It is only supposed to get you from your location to a professional. On the other hand, if you are familiar with the truck and have a replacement pipe, you can do a pipe change. If you are not well practiced with such a procedure, it is better to leave it to a professional.

Lights Repair

Headlight, fog lights, tail lights, turn signals, etc. If the truck is found with either light not functional, the driver is held liable. Therefore, it is crucial that you can do a simple globe replacement as a semi-truck driver. All you need are simple tools like the screwdriver and a replacement bulb. Just unscrew the covering gasket, unscrew the bulb, replace it and screw back the covering gasket.

Mudflap Replacement

One can drive without mud flaps, but you will be putting yourself and other passengers at risk. Mudflaps are supposed to prevent mud, pebbles, and other particles from being launched as projectiles by the rotating wheels. Therefore, it is important to replace your mud flaps to prevent these uncalled-for incidences. It is a simple process of unscrewing the damaged one and replacing it with the new one.


As a semi-truck driver, being handy is essential. Many semi-truck repair tips and tricks can help you in handling a big rig breakdown, but it is always advisable to involve a professional. Call or Visit United Diesel Power for reliable, affordable, professional tractor truck repair and maintenance.



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