How To Check the Brakes on a Fifth Wheel

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There are many things that one will need to do to keep their RVs safe and fully operational while they are out on the road. However, brake maintenance is essential to the safe operation of their RV, and it is important to note this when one purchases an RV in the first place. As such, here at United Diesel Power, we recommend that all RV owners or those considering purchasing an RV take some time to learn how to test their brakes to ensure everything is equipped just right. 

What Type of Brakes Are Installed on an RV? 

Every RV is unique in the type of brakes installed on it. RV’s have a different brake types depending on the manufacturer specifications of that RV. Typically, the differences lie in the difference between an RV and a motorhome. We can look at some of those differences now. 


Usually, motorhomes come with two different types of RV brake systems. This isn’t always the case, and it is important not to paint with too broad of a brush. That said, they often have hydraulic brakes and air brakes. If the motor home has a diesel engine, then air brakes are probably what you will have for that. It is a good thing because air brakes are considered to be a bit easier to maintain. 

Towable RVs

There are two types of brakes on an RV that can be towed. They are electric and hydraulic brakes. The hydraulic brakes do NOT require any connection to electricity at all to do what they need to do. However, the electric brakes will need to maintain that strong connection to work the way they are intended to.

Checking Your Brakes

Checking the quality of the brakes on your RV or motor home is a good idea. You need to ensure the quality of those brakes is maintained over time, which means inspecting them regularly. 

Before you begin, make sure you check the fluid levels to see where you stand with those. You will need to do a brake fluid flush every two years, but at least check the fluid levels every time you inspect them because you may have a leak that you need to address. If that is the case, you should try to ensure you get that looked at immediately. 

You can also check the rotors of your brake system to ensure they are smooth and don’t have any grooves or cracks that you need to look at. If there are, then you may be in for some repairs. 

By doing these basic things, you can be sure that your brakes will be safe for use and that the investment that you have put into your RV is well worth it. Make sure you look carefully at this and keep your brakes properly maintained to protect the safety of yourself and your investment.

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