What Camera Features Are Best for a Truck Driver?

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One cannot talk about improving truck fleet safety without mentioning a dash cam. This device records everything happening in front of the driver, ensuring the driver practices safety on the road and remains accountable. But is a dash cam important for semi truck drivers?

The cam is not just for monitoring the driver’s driving behavior. It can also help exonerate them. By recording what happens on the road, a driver can retrieve the recorded details to prove their innocence. Take a look at the features you need in a good dash cam.

Enough Storage Capacity

There is no point in getting a fancy dash cam if you cannot access the recorded details. That is why you need adequate storage capacity. This storage depends on a microSD card that you use in the camera. A camera that only accepts a 32 or 64GB capacity is not enough. Most truck drivers spend more than 10 hours on the road. A good camera should accept up to 128GB capacity, which can record 12 to 35 hours. Plus, if the camera is recording in 4k resolution, you will need as much storage capacity as possible.

Audio Recording Option

Some people may assume that sound recording is not important, but it is quite handy. You want to capture environmental sounds not within the camera’s view. For instance, if you engage with another driver or pedestrian after an accident and they later accuse you of something you didn’t say, you will have evidence to prove otherwise.

Quality Video Resolution

Dash cams for semi trucks or company fleets need good video resolution. The feature ensures you get all the details clearly. The minimum quality we recommend is Full HD 1080p. But if you can manage, get 4K models. They are a bit pricey but will give you quality images.

Large Field of View

Anything can happen on the road from any direction. That is why you need a dash cam with a huge field of view. The challenge here is that the bigger the field of view a dash cam has, the more fish-eyed or distorted the footage becomes. A good field of view is between 125° and 165°. This is a good enough range to capture footage on the sides that is not too distorted. Anything bigger or smaller than that is not sufficient.

Internet Connectivity

A dash cam with internet connectivity ensures that recordings are uploaded to the cloud immediately. This feature is important because your footage is already stored in the cloud if anything happens to the dash cam. Fleet managers with access to the cloud storage can also view the footage at any time from anywhere.

Besides dash cams, you can ensure that your trucks are safe on the road through proper maintenance and repair. At United Diesel Power – Truck Repair, we are a company you can trust for your repair and maintenance needs. We provide services 24/7, including towing services if you are stuck. Visit us today for any assistance you want, and we will be happy to help.

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