What Is a UCR Compliance Fee?

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When it comes to freight and to carrier fees, it is always best to know what some of the fees you might run up against as a freight carrier or broker might be. The UCR Agreement is one such fee. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Plan and Agreement?

The UCR Plan and Agreement is a plan that was set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation. This is a federally mandated program that was created to help with companies and even individuals that are going to have interstate travel. This program was designed to help replace the Single State Registration System and does stay in place to help with fees for anyone that is going to be traveling in and out of state.

This program was created to help with fees for people that are going to be taking multiple vehicles in and out of state so that they do not have to pay individual registration fees for each and every vehicle in every state that they go into. These fees are going to go toward programs that help to train USDOT officers.

How Does the UCR Agreement Collect Fees?

This program collects a fee from companies and from individuals once a year and those fees go toward training and safety programs for USDOT officers that are then going to be policing and managing these vehicles. Not all people or companies are going to be required to pay UCR fees.

Only those that are motor carriers, brokers, leasing companies, and freight carriers are required to pay the fee each year if they are going to be operating a commercial vehicle that is going to weigh over 10,000 pounds or when they are going to be transporting potentially hazardous materials. This could apply to a semi-truck company that carries freight, it could apply to a company that transports goods and so on.

If you are dealing with a company that does move commercial vehicles in and out of state, it is important that you are taking into consideration the fact that this fee does have to be paid in order for your company to be in compliance. If you have not paid this fee, you can get in trouble, and you can end up coming against more fees and even fines and suspension of your license. 

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