Hot Shot Trucking

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Shipping is an essential part of many different businesses and industries. However, problems can arise when transporting smaller quantities of freight. Traditional shipping methods may not be fast enough or cost-efficient for smaller shipments. This is where hot shot trucking can provide a useful solution for shipping needs.

Hot Shot Trucking Defined

Hot Shot Trucking refers to transporting smaller freight shipments with a flatbed hot shot trailer towed by a medium-duty pickup truck. This is a useful solution for smaller shipments as hot shot trucking can be both faster and cheaper than alternative methods such as less-than-truckload or partial-truckload shipping options.

Advantages of Hot Shot Trucking

If you are considering hot shot trucking as a shipping solution, here are some advantages to keep in mind.

  • Save on Shipping: By making hot shot trucking a common shipping method for your supply chain and business activity, you save money by increasing your shipping options to fit various needs and having the ability to make smaller shipments without having to pay for a full semi-trailer.
  • Tracking Tools: With some larger shipments tracking and updates may not be as often or as detailed as you would like. This can cause increased shipping costs and late deliveries due to unforeseen delays. With hot shot trucking, updates are common and often as each shipment has a dedicated truck, trailer, and driver focused on your delivery.
  • Handle Tight Deadlines: Some shipments do not have a large window for delivery. Hot shot solutions have faster loading and unloading times and encounter fewer delays due to the smaller shipment size. Because each shipment has its truck making the delivery, you don’t have to worry about other shippers’ items. Also, hot shot trailers are smaller and easier to move, plus they use less gas, making them an easier-to-manage solution.

Other Considerations

As with any type of shipping, it is essential to be aware of possible disadvantages or issues that could arise. With hot shot trucking, there are capacity restrictions, and you can only transport up to 16,500 pounds of freight on a trailer that is at max 40 feet long. Second, while hot shot trucking has become popular, the amount of available drivers is still somewhat limited. Finally, these types of trailers tend to lack air-ride suspension, which can make shipping more fragile objects impractical.

Final Thoughts

Hot shot trucking offers a useful solution for certain types of shipments and can save you time and money. Hot shot trucking also helps you meet delivery deadlines. By keeping the advantages and disadvantages in mind, you can make an informed solution for your shipping needs.

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