How Will the ELDT Rule Affect My Business?

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The shipping and transportation industry continues to be very important as it ensures that products can be shipped all over the country. One important role in this industry is a commercial truck driver, who is responsible for driving the trucks and ensuring products end up in the right hands. For those that own a business in this industry, there are enhanced regulations surrounding who can drive these trucks. The new Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) rule has new training and certification requirements to be aware of. This rule could affect your business in various ways. 

Need To Change Hiring Practices

One of the ways that the ELDT training requirement can change your business is that it can change your hiring process. With this new implementation, there are tighter restrictions on who can operate a commercial truck. This includes ensuring that everyone has a commercial driver’s license (CDL) when they are behind the wheel. One change that is coming to your business is that you will need to understand and follow these new rules. 

Opportunity To Train

As it can be difficult to find qualified individuals for this role, there are other steps you may need to take to ensure you can staff and fill your trucks properly. One change is that you should consider training your own truckers. Anyone who wants to operate a truck must undergo a proper certification program. If you offer this training and certificate, you could attract more truck drivers to your business. An added benefit would be if you offered some type of compensation while training was being completed.

Prepare for Further Regulation

The change in the ELDT rule is one of the latest changes to the trucking industry. However, it will likely not be the last. There are bound to be new regulatory challenges that will impact how business is done. You must stay ahead of these changes and comply with requirements as doing so can help you avoid penalization. Part of this should include that you are taking the proper steps when it comes to training. Various requirements need to be met in order for the training and certification to be valid and following such requirements is a necessity. 

The new Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) rule is designed to ensure that only trained, and certified individuals are driving commercial trucks. While the rule can improve safety and delivery measures, it will impact any shipping and transportation business. Those that own companies in this field could be affected in various ways. 

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