Can Freight Cost Be Related To a Trucker’s Salary?

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There is a great deal that goes into determining the rates that you are going to be paid as a freight driver. Knowing what you can get paid for a freight load can help determine if being a freight driver is the right career path for you or if another option might be better. So, how are freight rates determined, and can they figure in to the salary of a trucker, keep reading to find out more.

Trucking Rate Per Mile

A big part of the salary or fee that a trucker can make from any load will be related directly to the rate per mile. The freight cost is what someone is willing to pay you for a load, and the mileage does figure into that freight rate. So, each mile will be logged when you drive to help determine how much a trucker is driving per load or drop-off. The black box of the truck will keep a detailed log of the miles driven and the stops you make.

The rate per mile is going to be figured into the freight amount. The next factor is going to be the weight of the shipment. The weight is one of the biggest factors, along with the mileage. The weight of the load will determine how much fuel will be needed to get it to its destination and will also affect how fast the shipment can travel.

Your rate will also include the density of the load and how much of the cargo space you have is going to be taken up by that particular item or item. You might also look at things like the liability of hauling those particular things, how easily they can be stowed, their value, and so on. These will all go into the factoring of the freight rate for any truckload. 

Truck Freight Rates

Rates will go up and down depending on the market and what is being shipped. Most companies will charge fuel prices, truck insurance, repairs, tolls and fees, and more. You can get a better idea of what the cost of a load is going to be by looking at these factors before you take off.

Some trucking companies will pay truckers a salary rather than paying them per load to help make it easier for them to do the job. Other companies will allow truckers to take loads based on what they want to transport and how long they want to be away from home each day.

Freight rates change daily, so if you are a trucker working to determine what loads will be worth your time, it is always best to check freight rates before you set out.

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