How Can I Keep My Over the Road Expenses in Order?

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Let’s face it, most people just aren’t equipped to handle the paperwork and stay organized. But, if you are a truck driver, this is an essential part of your job, whether you are good at it or not.

Record keeping for truckers involves savings trip records to receive payment for your work. This information may also be needed to file taxes.

This guide will provide you with some basic tips for record keeping.

Tips for Basic Record Keeping for Truck Drivers

Here are some basic record-keeping tips if you are a truck driver.

  • Keep receipts labeled: Whenever you receive receipts, make sure to label them to ensure easier filing later on.
  • Keep receipts organized: Instead of waiting until the last minute or the end of the month, sort and organize your receipts more frequently. Don’t let this simple task pile up, allowing you to forget.
  • Create a record-keeping system: This will enable you to create a system that works for your needs.
  • Never throw documents away: Never toss your documents unless they are at least 10 years old. The government may request these files at a later time. Anything older can be tossed.

Organizing Trip Reports

  • Make sure you send in your trip reports. Many companies will require their drivers to turn in trip reports following each trip they make. This enables them to verify your earnings and pay you.
  • Be sure to hang on to copies. Make sure that you keep full document records for every trip that you have completed. These documents should be stored someplace safe for easy access later on.
  • You should keep a notebook handy outlining a summary of each trip you complete. Don’t forget to write down important information such as the trip’s start and end details. You should also include the number of miles you traveled, your trailer number, and any other important information you believe is useful.
  • Make trip envelopes. This method enables you to keep all of your documents related to your trip in one big envelope. This includes logs, receipts, and other documents.

Organize Receipts

Organizing your receipts will save you a lot of time later on since you have completed the hard part by calculating the expense totals. This information will be available to your accountant later on.

  • Keep your receipts in a folder or separate file.
  • Keep your receipts organized by type such as tolls, parking, fuel, etc., and clip them.
  • Tally all receipts at the end of each month.
  • Label your receipts with the appropriate type and total.

Organize Maintenance Records

It is also important to organize your maintenance and repair records in your personal folder. You should make copies of your important documents and place them in three-ring binders for simple organization.

You should also consider organizing these documents in chronological order. Having this information and documents readily available enables proposed buyers to see the history of the vehicle. It also shows that you have properly maintained the truck while it was being used.

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