August 21, 2017

RV was dead

"My family and I were on vacation from Washington state when our diesel pusher died on the interstate. Despite the amount of business they had ahead of me, they were able to diagnose my RV, fix it, and get me back on the road quicker than any of the other shops near by. Other shops were a week or better out just to look at it. They're labor rates were also the best in the area. Down to earth and family oriented shop. Try them before you call the dealers."
April 20, 2017

"I made a boneheaded mistake and they bailed me out, unleaded in my diesel. They came to my location within an hour of being called and drained the tank, put good fuel and an additive. Very professional and all around nice guys. "
April 12, 2017

"I am impressed with the outstanding services these people provided for me. They did an outstanding job with the repair of my truck, and I would like to recommend them to anyone who needs reliable services. Thank you for e"