February 4, 2019

"Honest and Fair- these are words that you rarely hear when related to businesss today but they accurately describe Jake and his crew . We had a repair that we realized needed to be done late on a Thursday - Jake whom I had never met before gained my trust early( this is not easy to do) and explained my options completely , keep in mind they were very busy that day. Jake sent a wonderful tech out to me onsite who after identifying a problem quickly identified the root problem and they made a section to open a bay and put our unit in it - my wife and dogs were with me and they were as helpful as could be . The tech agreed to work through the night to facilitate my wife and I being able to keep a schedule we had committed to. Jake then followed up the next day with me to make sure all was well. Memphis is a 8 hour drive from my home base and if in the future I have projects that need to be addressed I will make every effort to have Jake and his crew do the work. A Huge THANK YOU to Jake and his crew!"
January 21, 2019

"after stuck on the side of the interstate , jacob and his crew were able to fix my truck with hesitation. very satisfied with their work. and haven't had a problem with my truck since. thanks for the great services. "
October 3, 2018

"I had a electrical fire on my w900. I called them and they sent a great towing service out to me. United diesel took me to a hotel and picked me up. The price was very good and the service was awesome. They could have bent me over but was very fair. If I ever have a breakdown again I hope I'm in there area. Thanks guys for the wonderful service.."
October 3, 2018

"After sitting on the road for 3 hours in Memphis, this was the only place that got us in and back on the road. We had a leaf spring hanger go out on our 42' fifth wheel and had to pull over because it was causing tires to rub together and causing a fire. Although we could not get anyone to come help us on site, my husband was able to temporarily fix to drive to the shop, after 3 hours of waiting on other companies telling us they were on their way. Once arrived at United Diesal, their welder stayed late and had us back on the road in 1 1/2 hour."
August 2, 2018

"I had some major air conditioning problems. It was 90° outside and I was desperate to get it fixed. I called United diesel ahead of time so when I got there I knew I had to wait an hour or two before they could get to me. They got to me in that amount of time and told me it would take some time to get it fixed. One of their mechanics give me a ride to a local hotel and I stayed the night. I came back the next day and waited in their lounge area for truckers. Comfortable seats and a good television. Jacob asked me if I had a jacket, because that air-conditioner was blowing cold air for sure. Definitely give them five stars for service and friendliness. I’m also impressed with the fact that they get back with any negative reviews to the person who gave the review. Honestly, goes along way with me. Great work Jacob!"